Home to Africa is your Wildlife Specialists. Born to this wondrous land of Uganda

Home to Africa is your Wildlife Specialists. Born to this wondrous land of Uganda

Wildlife Specialists.

Home to Africa is your Wildlife Specialists. Born to this wondrous land of Uganda and its multifarious magnificent animals, we bring to you customized tours that take you on a traversal of Uganda and East Africa. Our friendly and multi-lingual Tour Guides take you to the best of African landscapes. Our promise is to give you a safe, but adventurous and lively journey that you’ll never forget and surely come back for.
We love travel and safari; but we love better to share the scenic views that allures the visitors to our beautiful country. Having said that, you may depend on us to create for you a tour specifically suited to your desires. Moreover, you get to choose where you go and at your own pace. Simultaneously, you get to feel the excitement of planning for a safari.
When hobby becomes work as it happened for us, the heart pours into it. So we engage ourselves fully to fulfill your adventurous desires. However you come – individually, family or group – we will sculpt out an adventure to suit your tastes and specificities.
From the Entebbe International Airport, we may drive you straight for the Lake Mburo Park about three-hours away. The first days with Home To Africa team comes with an opportunity to see animals – leopard, buffalo, hyena, crocodile, hippo and lion – the most daring sight to see. Further on, in care of our expert personal guides, the Ugandan travel experience gets more restless when you start off to go on trekking for the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees.
Expect Uganda to be whatever you never expected her to be. Everything is out of the ordinary here. Though you get to choose your destinations from a wide range and according to your own interest, we will list out the best touring options popular and available.

• Primate Safaris.

The abode of the primates in Uganda – gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees – can only be traveled in specialized tours. You can join either the mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or in Volcanoes National Park where you may get to see the rare golden monkey which is a golden opportunity indeed! You will find chimpanzees, golden, velvet and silver monkeys and the olive baboon during your pan-Uganda tour. The excursion through the dense rain forest of Uganda may of course cost some effort but the long glimpse of a gorilla family, staring at you, would not be a bad sight for a true tourist.

• Cultural Safaris.

It is commonly said mankind started in Africa. We have many ancient cultures for you to experience. The richness of color and the profundity of ritual in all aspects of life in Uganda brings you to the authentic villages of Uganda. The trips are not meant to interfere with their daily life but you may observe from far as against the traditional ceremonies such as weddings, rites of passage and community dances usually. So you get to learn the philosophical meanings behind the hieroglyphics, symbols, dress and movement like an anthropologist may do.

• Daily Excursions.

We also cater to people visiting on business too. They usually have no time for a long-safari for them. Instead she offered exciting and relaxing day-trips. It is also a crisp tour for those who have completed their safari but are trying to be more adventurous. A city tour will give them an opportunity to see the local sights which is a convenient and quick solution.

Explore beautiful Lake Victoria or drive to Jinja for water rafting. A day of pleasure or relaxation is replete with possibilities.

• The Big 5 Safaris.

Africa is home to the “Big Five” game animals – lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. In Uganda’s national parks – the Murchison Falls – you will spot rhinos in their natural living habitat. Even if the elephants and Cape buffaloes cross their ways, only the determined tourists get to see lions and leopards. You may also find out Rothschild giraffes, Hartebeests, water bucks and hippos reposing in leisure.

• Holiday Safaris.

Safari Holidays have as of now become a popular activity among visitors to Uganda. Spend the entire day on a safari, include the “Big Five” and a variety of other beasts and birds into it.

Your Satisfaction is Our Specialty.

Home to Africa’s tours are developed specifically for the visitors. It not only helps to make the most of a personalized safari, but also converts them into something unique and special. Here we step in to carry your ideas onto the next step. Customize a special package with only those spots which you desire to include. Our native experience of all the aspects of our country – from people to wildlife to the rich landscape – we make your imagined ideas and plans for a safari experience come true.

Our base is in Kampala, Uganda. Home To Africa Tours and Travel has earned the trust of our previous guests. We hosted a safe, dependable and exciting safari experience in Uganda. The most exclusive, well-planned itineraries with conveniently located hotels to stop by is linked by us as it is in a chain. We have a running fleet of safari vehicles. New, safe and state-of-the-art conveyance vehicles with reliable drivers are makes customers happier.

Tour with Home to Africa and make your travel suit your comfort.
While the world is still discovering Uganda – awed by its pristine landforms and vibrant flora and fauna, we map out the land for you. So come to Uganda and let us show you our country which we love so deeply! Come Home to Africa and celebrate your own unforgettable adventure back to the begining of the world.