Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second biggest national park

Queen Elizabeth national park is found in the western arm of the rift valley in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

With an area coverage of 1978 square kilometers, Queen Elizabeth national park is the second biggest national park in Uganda laying on the western arm of the rift valley. This park lies between lakes Edward and George which form part of the biosphere. This park is a system of contiguous protected areas namely, kyambura wildlife reserve, kigezi wildlife reserve and kalinzu wildlife reserve. With this diverse eco system the park supports up to 95 mammals, 612 birds and over fifty seven vegetation types have also been identified in this park. The park also Huber’s crater lakes, the kazinga channel, the Ishasha sector, kasenyi fishing village, the equator and many other tourism features that you may come across while on a game drive or a guided walk. Maramagambo forest is yet another reserve that is under this park and is a home to giant rock pythons and bat caves that make this area so attractive.

A visit to this park will lead you to activities like wildlife game drives, the boat cruise on the kazinga channel, the chimpanzee trekking in both kyambura and kalinzu wildlife reserves, salt mining in katwe, forest walks in both maramagambo and around the peninsula area, lion experience, bird watching and many more as these all depend on the time you plan to have while in this park.

By Road

You can access Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kampala by using a tarmac via Mbarara about 420 kms or use Fort Portal via Kasese around 410 kms by road. Queen Elizabeth National Park is about 5 to 6 hours from Kampala city via Mbarara, the park can equally be accessed through its Ishasha sector on the side of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

By Air

A  Safari planner can keep a flexible itinerary by preparing a flying safari for the clients, this is possible to fly from Kajjansi Airfield or Entebbe International Airport by a well scheduled chartered aircraft to the nearby airstrips of Kasese, Ishasha or Mweya which are  very close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. this makes it around 46km from the city of Kampala, we kindly arrange for our clients’ pick ups from the airport and then prepare other needed transportation means that are required as included on the itinerary package.