This is Your optimum Packing list for your African adventure safari

Your Optimum packing list


Whenever you plan to go on an African safari please pack the following things;

Most of the African safaris tend to be amalgamated and each and every adventure lover needs to put a lot of things in order to get the best experience in Africa. Your optimum packing list awaits;  once you put the following items in your travel bag, be sure that you will have an unforgettable adventure like never before;

  • Pack yourself healthy and medicinal kit with important items like pain killers, eye drops, antibiotics you may need on the trip, relief medicines for infections, carry antibacterial creams, cold and influenza medicines, anti-malaria medicines, liniments and gel, pain balms, creams for insect bites among others that you may need to be part of your optimum packing list.
  • Make several copies of your travel documents for example tickets, passport, your travel insurance, you may as well leave some documents at home and then attach some on email. Those that you travel with, do not keep them in the same place.
  • Carry a first Aid box with items like plasters, cotton, bandages and all others it contains.
  • Carry your own prescription medications in your hand bag or hand luggage.
  • Pack your necessary sunscreen, insect repellents, lip balms, hand sanitize rs, sun-hat plus glasses.
  • Carry personal things like toiletries, soap, cleaning wipes, hand wash, powder, body creams of your choice, sanitary towels, ear buds, body lotions, your own cloths to suit your trip activities, for example swimming suits in case you will swim, trekking strong shoes or jungle boots for hiking, long sleeved shirts for nature walks, long stockings, comfortable shorts and others you may need.
  • Pack a good camera with good long life batteries, a film plus memory cards, and these items should be good enough to complete all the videos and photos that you need for the adventure to keep memories.
  • Your phone and probably a novel, book, music, laptop, tablet, just to kill the boredom when you have no activities.
  • You should have superb binoculars for especially birding safaris.
  • Have a money purse that one to carry around keeping your money near you plus a small pocket calculator to help you in bargaining.
  • Have a good touch with good flash in matters of safari camping and trekking within thick forested places.
  • Important of all items, never try to travel and forget your own passion, sense of humor, patience, jokes, hilarity and common sense. These are just words, but once you forget them you may miss all the fun on your trip and be miserable all the time. Always remember that We Treasure your Fond Memory.

Enjoy your adventure……….With yours truly HOME TO AFRICA TOURS AND TRAVEL