Bwindi's accommodation

Bwindi's accommodation offer luxury, mid-range and budget facilities

Bwindi’s Accommodation

Bwindi’s accommodation facilities

Bwindi’s accommodation; all Bwindi’s accommodations offer beautiful facilities which are beautiful places away from home and they range from luxury, mid-range to budget level and this means these accommodations offer services to all types of tourists who are willing to trek mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.  These accommodation facilities can be found or located in different sectors or regions of the place. It is therefore very important for the tourist to go to Bwindi when sure of the real location so as to be able to know which Gorilla family to trek, because different gorilla families reside in different sectors of Bwindi. The best accommodation if  well located it will add more to your Gorilla experience.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Bwindi’s Accommodation offer luxury too and this is one of the area’s most luxury facility encompassing 10 cottages built out of local volcanic stones, each and every cottage has huge sitting rooms with fireplaces and they are overstuffed armchairs plus hand-woven carpets. The two of the cottages are family with one double and one twin bedroom.

The chefs are good and they prepare both local and international meals served well in the huge restaurant. The bar is well stocked with wines, spirits, gins, beers and also soft drinks. There are relaxing spa treatments (massage) after a long day of gorilla trekking. The place offers other activities like bird watching, visit to the Batwa people and there are also arrangements of traditional dancers who come around and entertain guests.

Chameleon Hill Lodge

Among Bwindi’s Accommodation we have this  Lodge which offers beautiful facilities and it is a very luxury lodge positioned on the top of the edge just close to the shores of Lake Mutanda. While here be sure that you will fall in love with the beauty of the structures and the multiple colors of the chameleon which is an inspiring design. The spacious restaurant allows staff members around to help you serve the three course meals. This place has one of the best chefs in the country and he is ready to prepare local and international.

Visitors have incredible holidays here with stunning views to the lake, cozy beds, however cold the area is, accommodations here are warm because to the heavy curtains within all the chalets. All the 10 chalets have double and twin beds with beautiful clean bathrooms and toilets providing both hot and cold water. Internet is provided around the dinning and restaurant area next to a well raised balcony which supports great views of the Lake.

Gorilla mist camp

This camp facility is situated in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park within South Western wing of Ruhija sector. This is a mid-range facility with 8 well-furnished cottages, having comfortable beds with both hot and cold showers. The place is normally so cold but they provide hot water bottles for the visitors to have warmth in the beds. The camp is set up with single, double and twin beds. There is also a spacious dining area and a bar with free Wi-Fi. While at the Gorilla mist camp, expect to trek Oruzogo, Kyaguliro and Bitukura gorilla families.

Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge

This Bwindi’s Accommodation facility is an eco-lodge and it is positioned just near the entrance of the park with 8 expansive cottages which are cozy with resting places for the guests and they offer laundry services too. Overseeing the basic Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Volcanoes offers a truly unique Ugandan safari experience in the jungle.

Their cottages offer captivating environment and they are self-contained providing both hot and cold showers. They have a nice restaurant and dinning offering delicious meals with Wi-Fi up the bar areas. Gorillas are frequent visitors to this lodge. While at the lodge, visitors participate in Batwa Village walks and other visits to Amagara farm.

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

This Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge is among Bwindi’s Accommodation and  without any doubt one of the area’s best safari lodges within Bwindi. The facility is strategically located very near the Gorilla trekking point and they have excellent cuisines and quick room services. Adventure lovers who sleep here are lucky as they feature a barbecue and have enough playground for the cool views of the Virunga Mountains. The Lodge provides private parking, they provide spa treatments after gorilla trekking, they prepare packed lunch before trekking and guests can enjoy drinks at the beautiful bar.

Buhoma Community Rest Camp

Among Bwindi’s Accommodation  we have budget and this one  is a low budget tented camp located just adjacent to Bwindi park entrance at Buhooma. It is a community based organization (CBO), was founded in 1993 and is managed by the community members of Buhooma. The facility has 6 self-contained tents, 2 self-contained cottages where their cabins are made in African style and face the forest, dormitories, 5 twin cottage bandas made from local materials in African style but are not self-contained .

Some offer bed and breakfast, other meals, can also offer village walks for tourists demonstrating how to make local brew, traditional dances, handicrafts made by the community women. Spending on this rest camp and participating in their activities means supporting the local community to benefit from tourism.