Tour guides have bottomless knowledge about Uganda and East Africa.

Tour guides have bottomless knowledge about Uganda and East Africa.

About our Tour guides.

We as Home to Africa Tours and Travel; we choose to use local Tour guides because they are the ones who are native to the destinations we take you to. Our company tour guides have bottomless knowledge about Uganda and East Africa. These local tour guides are good in antiquity, society, art, music. They know literature of the places thus making the trip a great experience. This also benefits the locals as they gain from employment opportunities thus Sustainable Tourism Development .

Why we use local tour guides 

We are local tour operators and do everything that we have good knowledge about;

our itineraries are  tailored for travelers in circles of the activities they need. We choose destinations in Uganda and some East African countries because these are regions that we have much knowledge. Our tour itineraries also fit the needs and budget of the travelers.

Our local tour guides impress visitors by exploring every little place that a traveler may not easily access otherwise. Expect to do things that are adventurous, overwhelming and risk taking.  Our local tour guides are well versed with every point. Imagine awesome treks to the high altitudes, visit the local communities, wildlife, boat cruises, scenery  etc.

The local tour guide helps you learn about the culture and history of the region. Our visitors go deep into the place’s own state in a local view point. Our local guides go extra miles and help travelers learn about etiquette and behaviors most especially for the religious grounds.

Travelling with our local tour guides helps travelers to ask as many questions as they may wish to ask. Remember these are places they know and they make you personalize the tour just to fit your own interests.

Our traveler is sure to go to the most secret local points. The points where the other majority travelers have never even experienced. At this point the guide suits the goals of your trip. After all you will be contributing to the local economy by travelling with our local tour guide.

During the free time on our trips. Our travelers chill and associate with the tour guides on every time of their safari. Stick around the guides and get more time to hang out with other groups of travelers and their guides.Discover more on your safari which will make you end up making your tour guide your best friend who knows all the locals around.

Tour guides make your trip trouble free because they organize all the trip logistics for you and this makes the whole trip experience amazing. They are problem solvers, have the sense of humor, strong communication skills and they are trained to keep punctuality as a key item for their work. We always treasure your fond memory at Home To Africa.