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Visit African Safari in Uganda

We are your wildlife Specialists, born to this land and the magnificent animals of Uganda. Our company specializes in designing tailor-made tours for you throughout Uganda and East Africa. Let our multi-lingual Guides bring you the best of Africa on a safe but thrilling journey you’ll not soon forget. From Entebbe International Airport, we whisk you to Lake Mburo Park, a short three-hour drive. Within your first day in Uganda, as a Home To Africa guest you’ll have opportunities to see leopard, buffalo, hyena, crocodile and hippo and lion. Then, under the care and expertise of our personal guides we will take you to the most electrifying Ugandan experience… trekking for mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Come Home to Africa and celebrate your own unforgettable adventure.

The Pearl of Africa

Expect to be enchanted by Uganda. One moment you are alone, trekking a forest path, when suddenly they appear ahead in a bamboo thicket – a family of mountain gorillas, curiously gazing at you. You stop in your tracks, amazed that they are so close and so real.
Or, take a forest hike, treading softly, enjoying the gentle sounds when from above, a group of Chimpanzees shatter the quiet, chattering at you from their nests. You turn your head and barely catch the ghost of a massive elephant vanishing into the bush. Nothing is ordinary here.

The landscape of Uganda is just as enchanting. Floating up the Nile river, its twists and turns suddenly reveal rocky hills, snowy crests in the distance and tropical beaches at your feet. Best of all, your journey is punctuated with a thousand friendly smiles along the way.
The world is just discovering Uganda – with its pristine parks and vibrant authenticity. From the cascading drama of Murchison Falls National Park to the rush of “meeting” gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks to the explosion of rafting the Nile, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

So join us! And let us share with you the country we love so deeply. We are certain you will too!



Home To Africa Gives Back

We are from this community and so feel a natural desire to give back to those we love – especially those most often in need –women and children. All people should live dignified lives, free of want and facing life alone. So, it is our joy to give 20% of your bookings with us to our Charity: Global ICT Care.
This non-governmental organisation provides free quality education for children, along with improved nutrition, as well as programs to improve the livelihood of women. You are helping us make a difference in Uganda……….read more.